I’ve been a Pinaholic for more than a year. Seriously, I’m in deep and getting deeper (7K+ pins, yikes). It’s a crazed addiction I feed nearly every day, sometimes for hours (gasp! Did I say that out loud?).

I never go back and look at my pins. It’s a one-way title wave of content, my boards sitting lonely and unattended, taking everything I add and asking nothing in return.

The Question
I pondered… why do I not go back and look at the pins (let alone the links)? If I was enamored enough to hit that ‘pin’ button, why not revisit and take it all in? Hmm. Good question, and one that I’d love to get your opinion on. Thoughts?

The Answer (?)
My conjecture is because if you’re like me, you’re pretty fickle. Chasing that bouncing ball to the next interesting tidbit that just happens to be 2 tiles away. So. Much. Content. So. Much. To. Share. Must. Move. On.

The Quest
So here’s my challenge for you today — one I took myself this morning. Pick a board, any one of your boards (or even someone else’s you just repinned from). What else is on that board? Anything interesting? Why did you even pin it? Is there a purpose, follow-up, or a deeper-dive necessary? Does that Pin deserve a little more attention? Bet you a quarter, you say yes.