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Playing Dress-Up With My iPhone.
iPhone cases have become quite the statement, haven’t they? Not so much about protection from a shattered screen, now it’s all about the fashion and personal style. I’m pretty sure I could fill a closet with cases and change them like underwear every day. Hmmm, would that be too much?


My favorite 4 cases I’m coveting these days…



1. Retro Vintage Payphone by onyourcasestore on Etsy.

2. Case in Clouds by Kate Spade Saturday.

3. Giving Tree from Bonanza.

4. Groovy VW Bus by Society6.


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Ice Cream Yummies.
As a kid, ice cream was one of my favorite treats. I remember coming home from school on a hot afternoon and sneaking a triple scoop of vanilla perched on cake cone, then eating it fast so it didn’t drip — or so I didn’t get caught over-indulging. Now as an official grown-up, managing over-indulgence seems necessary, but that doesn’t mean I have to give up those icy, creamy treats completely. Does it?IceCream_coneMy four favorite temptations…

1. Baskin Robbins “Gold Medal Ribbon” — My all time favorite, most wonderful of all wonderful frozen treats. B&R mixes vanilla and chocolate with a swirl of caramel ribbon deliciousness. Oh my, yes.


2. Ben & Jerry’s “Mint Chocolate Cookie” — Peppermint ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies (bits of oreo cookie). Think frozen Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies in an ice cream. Squeee!


3. Haagen-Dazs “5” Vanilla Bean — I have no idea how 5 simple ingredients can taste so good, but HD makes this pint of perfection something special!


4. Friendly’s Classic Chocolate — Friendly’s isn’t available everywhere, but this chocolate treat wins tastes tastes over and over again. No glitz, extras or snazzy branding, just amazing creamy yumminess.


Psssst… there are cones right over there on the counter. You grab the scooper, I’ll dash to the freezer!

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Manly Stuff for My Man.
I love my man, and I love getting him unique, covet-able things. He deserves to be spoiled — don’t all wonderful husbands deserve a surprise gift?


  1. Big chunky watches + bracelets = super sexy (and manly).WatchAndBracelets
  2. Retro longboard skateboards for a smooth and very cool, manly ride.Longboard
  3. Beats “Ekocycle” headphones by Dr Dre with and CocaCola. ‘Nuff said.BeatsEkocycle
  4. Handcrafted guitar by Santa Cruz Guitar Company = super, super sexy (…and who cares about manly when you’re sexy x2?).SCGC_OMGrand
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California for top wineries? Of course.

But Washington is hot on their trail, and in some ways even more wonderful!


Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are fortunate to have access (and I do mean frequent access – we’re admitted winos) to some of the best wineries in North America. My current favs:

  1. Novelty Hill Januik – By far the coolest, hippest and best sunshine hang-out with great wine. If you’re there on the weekend, go for lunch and order a handmade pizza while you taste their yummy vino. Grab a bottle of your top tasting choice, and sit outside while you nosh and enjoy a healthy dose of sunshine and bocci ball. Let’s just say, we’re regulars. And BTW, like most club memberships, you’ll taste for free. I’d recommend hanging with Candy, she’s the best behind the tasting counter. If you’re around on Wednesdays, they have live music for “Wednesday Wine’d Down.”Januik
  2. Chateau Ste Michelle – Not exactly boutique, but CSM has stunningly beautiful grounds. If you’re a club member, you can sneak into a no-line tasting room to enjoy the latest sips free of charge. Then grab a bottle, picnic blanket and some snacks from the winery store and soak in the well-manicured, peacock dwelling, relaxing location. And oh yes, don’t forget to watch for the Summer Concert schedule. Big names grace this small winery for warm summer outdoor concerts. Da bomb.Peacock_CSM
  3. Darby – Small tasting room off the main strip that stays open later than all the others. It’s a trendy joint, with industrial decor and cool chicks serving up Darby’s tastiest. We tend to make it our last stop, and enjoy chatting with Mary while she pours our sips. Every now again, you’ll see Darby there. Don’t be shocked when you discover how young (and wildly talented) he is.DarbyWine
  4. Efeste – Another boutique favorite. “Big Papa” Dan and his lovely wife of 40+ years Helen are there every day serving up great wine and friendly conversation. At Efeste, they “celebrate family tradition, union of friendship, and passion for great wine and food.” Nuff said.Efeste

There’s something about the kitchen.
It’s the hub that makes a house a home. Ever notice how everyone congregates there when you have a party or dinner with friends? I think it’s the idea of the center-point that draws me in – it makes me want to add special touches to raise the interest level for those who gather there. These are four of my favorite kitchen accoutrements, some owned, some on my wish list.

  1. Glassybaby candle holders – Delightfully unique and hand-blown candle holders. Their tagline says it all: “One of a kindness.” Love that and love literally every single color. Right now, I’m lusting after “Roots” for a splash of lively yellow.Glassybaby_Roots_chair
  2. Silver Cheese Markers – One of a kind, handstamped silver cheese markers. What a lovely addition to that perfectly arranged cheese plate. No more questions about kinds of cheeses, just the feel of silver in your hand and the craftsmanship of being handstamped.CheeseMarkers_Etsy
  3. Painted Measuring Cups – My hub & kids gave me these for Mother’s Day. First thought: Too precious to use! Then I remembered my grandmother’s house and baking with her chipped measuring cups. Precious? Yes. Precious memories worth the risk of chipping these whimsical hand-painted measuring cups.MeasuringCups_Anthropologie
  4. iPad Stand – Versatile stand for your iPad in the kitchen to reference all those Pinterest recipes for the perfect meal. I especially like this one because it can hold your iPad both vertically and horizontally, nice.iPad_KitchenStand
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Have I Mentioned I’m a Pinaholic?
Indeed. Head over heels obsessed. These four fellow pinners are my favs right now.


These four fellow pinners are my favs right now. You won’t find your typical popular pins on these boards, these folks pin extra interesting god stuff. Take a look and give them a follow.

  1. Elena Valtcheva :: eclectic mix that will make you browse happy
  2. Feast of Dead Bees :: diverse and edgy pins abound – not for the easily offended
  3. Bairbre Aine :: a crafty gal who post not-so-run-of-the-mill handmades
  4. Air Am :: long-time favorite for me – deeply thought provoking, cause for introspection
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