There is so much complexity in this world. The daily crush of busy lives. Sometimes it’s the most simple of things to bring us back – to find a brief moment of peace that lets your shoulders drop as you take a deep breath. 


I love fresh flowers in the house, and lately I’ve been drawn to simple greens in glass. Lasting longer than blooms, giving that moment of ahhhh. In the powder room, on the patio, on the dining room table. Wait… I need some on my bathroom vanity. How did I miss that?

Glass with a single twig, or even with a few brown stones at the bottom is my favorite.


There’s also something about greens in a stark white vase. Still simple, but cleaner, with a hint of modern.


Either way, it’s time to breathe deeply add a bit of the outside to the inside. I’m off to hunt for the perfect twig for my vanity…

:: Juls