Are You Listening?
In this hustle and bustle, we’re so distracted by the noise. Busy lives, work chatter, ear buds, constant asks, television drone, company politics, whining children, traffic … I could go on forever. But stop. I mean really – right now, STOP. Pause and LISTEN. Stop whatever you’re doing right this minute and listen. Do you hear the peace through the noise? What is that person talking to you really want you to HEAR? Stop running to what’s next, and really listen. Do you hear the most important things through the chaos? Hear with your heart, not just your ears. I think you’ll find a different path.



Salt Water Cure.
Favorite quote: “The cure for anything is saltwater – sweat, tears and the sea.” by Isak Dinesen. The beach has magical powers to wash away troubles and cleanse the soul. I yearn for the sand rubbing between my toes, the grit of sun-dried salt water in my hair, and the sea breeze to cool the day’s sunburn.


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I May Be Getting Old.
Or maybe I’m just old school, retro cool? One never knows – depends on who you ask, I suppose. I do love the idea, the smell, the feel of records. Thick vinyl with grooves remarkably filled with music. It’s a bit like magic, really — ridged vinyl plus a needle equals sound that moves your soul. So call me old (I suppose I am), but don’t take away my music.


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The Absence of Color.
White. Clean. Purity in all hues. White. A lightness for balance and parity to the dark. These are some of the white pretties floating around  my head right now…

Taking flight into the white space.


Cubed sweetness on your tongue.


A kicken’ Chardonnay pleases me.


Treasures from the ocean, homes once to tiny sea creatures.


Blinded by the glare of neon lights.


The “sweetest come back ever” (aka breakfast yesterday)


Let me spell it out for you.


Oh white, you give me just the space I need ♥.

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Playing Dress-Up With My iPhone.
iPhone cases have become quite the statement, haven’t they? Not so much about protection from a shattered screen, now it’s all about the fashion and personal style. I’m pretty sure I could fill a closet with cases and change them like underwear every day. Hmmm, would that be too much?


My favorite 4 cases I’m coveting these days…



1. Retro Vintage Payphone by onyourcasestore on Etsy.

2. Case in Clouds by Kate Spade Saturday.

3. Giving Tree from Bonanza.

4. Groovy VW Bus by Society6.


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