Source: Leah Miller Photography blog

In honor of my aunt’s amazing talent… I’m sharing her adorable idea on how to make paper plate bunting. For grand daughter’s 5 year old birthday, she creating the princess party to beat all princess parties. For this “once upon a time” bunting, you’ll need:

  • 16 pink paper plates, 7″ diameter
  • 16 circle-cut scrapbook paper to fit inside the pink paper plates, ~5″ in diameter
  • 16 plain paper plates for backing, 7″ diameter
  • 16 large doilies, so the edges stick out
  • die cut or pre-packaged letters to spell “once upon a time …”
  • glue

Glue a doily between a plain and a pink paper plate – pink paper plate on top. Press tightly together so the doily ruffles (so cute!). Then glue the patterned scrapbook circle onto the pink plate. Add the letter to each plate (glue or double-sided tape) and pin to a ribbon or twine. Super easy and especially precious!