What would it be like to completely reinvent your career?

Dive into an all-new job? Something completely different that what you’ve been doing for years? Yesterday, I would have answered “scary” (okay, that’s still true), but today I would answer “inspiring!” Imagine the possibilities to shed that mediocre job and dive into something that truly ignites your passion? What if you could wake up every day looking forward to work, rather than looking forward to 5:00pm? Think about getting paid to do what you love most in life. Ooooo, that sounds so exciting!

I just read Karen X Cheng’s story on Fast Company. Can I just say, “whoa!” You go girl. Talk about inspiration and being unstoppable!

Karen X. Cheng is unstoppable. Three years ago, she wanted to work for Microsoft Excel, so she put 100 hours into prepping for the interview–a tactic she’s tried elsewhere and failed with. Then she realized she didn’t want to be a product manager, so she became a designer–after learning the craft in one year. Then she realized she needed to learn how to dance–so she did that in one year, too.

One part inspiration, plus one part possibilities, plus a healthy handful of passion, topped off with a big dose of bravery = Reinvention.

Now the better question is… am *I* up for the challenge?