It’s the end of the school year

My kids say “Hurray!”

My head jumps to, “Time for teacher thank you gifts.”

And those gifts must be clever, friend. They must stand out and be noticed.

I often default to gift cards – who doesn’t like free money?! But my clever side challenges my wallet beyond just a plastic rectangle… what am I going to do to make it noteworthy? Different? Memorable?

Enter creative juices. Whatcha got for me this year? I pondered long and hard, and with a bit of inspiration from my buddy Pinterest, I created a fun way to say “Thank You for Helping Me Grow” to our boys’ elementary school teachers:

Thank you for helping me grow

Quick DIY How To

  1. Visit your local Home Depot and buy one of those adorable mini succulents.
  2. Cut a brown lunch bag open, and wrap the plant like an ice cream cone; secure with double-sided tape and trim the bottom and edges.
  3. Print out my Teacher Appreciation Tags, and cut out the one you like best.
  4. Using a hole punch, punch a hole in the top and bottom of the printout.
  5. Thread the printout through a kabob skewer, and stick it into the soil.

Voila… adorable teacher appreciation gift. Wait! Don’t forget a nice handwritten thank you card with that plastic rectangle gift card tucked inside the envelope. Now you’re all set.